Kill Your Culture at Kush Expo

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Kush Expo

Come check out Kill Your Culture Apparel from 313 Merchandise at The Kush Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in lovely Anaheim California July 21-22 We will be debuting our latest 420 apparel and vinyl stickers to the public at discounted pricing. Smoke shops and clothing boutiques are welcome to buy and place orders with us at wholesale pricing at the event, please contact us in advance if you are attending the show and would like to pick up or place your wholesale order with us. We look forward to seeing everyone at Kush Expo stop by and say “High!” Buy Tickets here

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Sid Wilson AKA DJ Starscream Custom Slipmats

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Sid Wilson Custom Slipmats

We reached out to our friend Sid Wilson AKA DJ Starscream of the legendary band SLIPKNOT to help him out with some custom DJ Slipmats for the 2012 Mayhem Festival Tour. SID is an extreme DJ and needs the finest quality in slipmats so 313 Merch and Kill Your Culture has designed 4 new designs for his tables. These mats are unusual as the ink is dyed into the material leaving the surface free to slip and perform perfectly! Make sure to catch SLIPKNOT on the 2012 Mayhem Festival SID will be autographing his mats and throwing some out to his fans at the show. Stay tuned to 313 Merchandise to grab your very own pair in the near future!

Slipknot Custom Slipmats

Slipknot Custom DJ Slipmats

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Expanded Rubber Products Pass Moral Judgement on 313 Merchandise

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I run a funny novelty t shirt and merchandise company similar to T-Shirt Hell or Spencer’s Gifts and recently have been refereed to this company for wholesale rubber products specifically Soft touch mouse pad material. My company reached out to Expanded Rubber Products regarding pricing of these in quantity of blanks and requested a few samples. The company owner decided to Google Search my company on the web and wrote us the following email:


I decided to look for additional information on your company and
like all did a GOOGLE search. I looked at your web site.
I am sorry but I can not sell you product that is printed this way.
I need to pass on sending samples, quoting or additional correspondence.

With Regards.
Clayton Ney

Our response to Expanded Rubber Products was :

Hello Clayton,

Wow, We were not asking you to print the materials for us, as we do
all of our printing in house. We were inquiring as to the cost and
appearance of your wholesale blank products of your company’s. It is
your job to quote prices and sell product. It is not your job to pass
moral judgment on what a customer does with the product after it is
purchased. Last time I checked, we still had have free speech in this
country. I would think twice about what you are saying here, as there
will be many ramifications both for you and your company if you choose
to pass judgment onto my company based on your own moral convictions.
The Internet is a powerful tool and as such are review sites, forums,
and blogs. Do as you wish, but remember, your actions will have
consequences. I will be forwarding this email to your superiors and
other wholesalers and vendors as well.

313 Merchandise

After speaking personally with the owner his response was ” I can’t have my employees going to your website”

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Bubba Kush Brand T-Shirt

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Bubba Kush Brand

Smoke Bubba Kush Brand Medical Marijuana. An almost pure Indica strain of marijuana. Tastes very sweet, gives you a nice body high.

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The Mark of The Beast QR Code Devil T-Shirt

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The Mark of The Beast QR Code Devil Symbol

The Mark of The Beast is received on the right hand or forehead. With modern technology, it may be directly linked to the QR Code! Do not scan this code or Satan will possess your cell phone and enter your body and you will need an exorcist to save your soul from the QR Code Devil!

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Adam Poch Wears My Bacon is Bigger T-Shirt

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Adam Poch My Bacon is Bigger T-Shirt

Adam Poch My Bacon is Bigger T-Shirt

Adam Poch from Amercian Reality TV series BIG BROTHER loves Bacon so we sent Adam our “My Bacon is Bigger” T-Shirt. Here we see Adam in our silver vintage style bacon t-shirt available from 313 Merchandise and also from Kill Your Culture Apparel in some awesome burnout styles. Buy this shirt here and enjoy My Bacon is Bigger T-Shirts from 313 Merchandise.

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Chris Gore Wears Dirty Larry T-shirt

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Chris Gore Wearing Dirty Larry T-Shirt

Just recently spotted on G4 Attack Of The Show’s DVDuesday Film expert Chris Gore wearing our Men’s Vintage Sepia Tone Burnout Dirty Larry T-Shrt from Kill Your Culture- 313 Merchandise! Watch Chris as he joins Candace Bailey for another round of DVD and Blu-ray reviews including the thrilling ‘Abduction,’ the hilarious ‘Bucky Larson’ and George Clooney in ‘The Ides of March.’ You can Purchase a Dirty Larry T-Shirt from both of our online stores at 313 Merch or Kill Your Culture.

Game ReviewsE3 2012DVDuesday
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Kill Your Culture – The End is Near Gas Logo Vintage T-Shirt

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Now On Sale Until Jan 31 2012. The definitive Kill Your Culture Tee that started it all. Nicely distressed with a very cool vintage feel. The End is Near Wear with Pride.

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2012 Nostradamus T-Shirt

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Our 2012 T-Shirt is ON SALE All Month here at 313 Merchandise. Nostradamus appears in a mushroom cloud over The Mayan Pyramids. The End Is Near! Available on our vintage line Silver, Creme, and Ash T-Shirts.

2012 T-Shirt

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Christmas Sale 25% Off at Kill Your Culture

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25% OFF from Kill Your Culture

Hey it is our first Christmas over at our sister store Kill Your Culture and we are celebrating with our first Xmas Sale which is now in FULL EFFECT! Just enter Code XMAS at checkout and get 25% OFF Your purchase with Kill Your Culture. Combine this coupon with our $50 or more Free Shipping or $100 International and save even more on some great t-shirts for the holidays. Hurry and order by December 17th to insure you have your t-shirts for Christmas. This offer will expire on December 31st 2011. Visit Kill Your Culture here

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