Alan Tudyk is spotted wearing a Twilight is Gay T-Shirt at Comic-Con 09′

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Adrrianne Palicki and Alan Tudyk

Dollhouse “Hunk” Alan Tudyk was spotted recently walking the carpets at Comic-Con 09′ wearing one of our “Twilight is Gay” T-Shirts! Here seen with “Friday Night Lights” hottie Adrianne Palicki. Read more »

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Twilight is Gay! T-Shirt

Posted in New Designs on July 15th, 2009 by webmaster

Twilight is Gay T-Shirt

Twilight is Gay! T-Shirt

The movie Twilight has sparked some anger and our latest t-shirt design Twilight is Gay!. OK I am a fan of Vampires but after attempting to watch this garbage of a movie I must admit Twilight is Gay! Sorry girls! but we know most of you love this movie, but Goddamn this is a “After School Special” for homosexuals! Robert Pattinson is a Vegan Vampire, and he drinks the blood of animals? We turned this shit off and exclaimed Twilight is Gay! All these tees are printed on white only, so you can see the “Gay-ness of it all!” Oh yeah another movie in November! I can’t wait… Arrgghhh I must go throw up now!