Gunts N’ Roses T-Shirt

Posted in New Designs on May 13th, 2009 by webmaster

Gunts N' Roses T-Shirt

All this Gunt talk lately has inspired 313 Merch to demand our artist Sly to pen our latest masterpiece, Gunts N’ Roses. The Gunt’s are back after over a decade of overeating a whorific amount of fast food! Dressed to impress and show off their gunts in some porky pink and gunt green elastic band stretch pants they are ready to eat! Gunts N’ Roses are known for the hit songs “Sweet Gunt of Mine” and “Welcome to the Gunt Hole” from their debut album Appetite for Consumption. Nine years and many spaghetti incidents later Gunts N’ Roses finally released there highly anticipated album “Chinese Buffet” and are currently on tour at a All You Can Eat Buffet near you! Order your Gunt N’ Roses T-Shirt today available in all styles and sizes.

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