Wholesale Funny Novelty T-Shirts

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Wholesale Funny T-Shirts

If your store is looking for unique funny novelty t-shirts than give 313 Merchandise a call today. Our t-shirt line is #1 in Quality and Printing. We deliver the latest humor and fashion with superb quality and heavenly soft fabrics at sharp price points. Our outstanding color palette and up to date styles and fit combined with topical pop culture humor continue to define us as one of the leading funny t shirt companies in the US Market! Call us today for some awesome t-shirts that will turn heads and draw more attention to your store today! Wholesale Orders call 310 982-6740 Monday-Friday 10am-pm. Visit our wholesale page here

Our Best T-Shirts from 2009′

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The year 2009′ brought some great designs from 313 merch! Morbid but funny the death of David Carradine created our Infamous Hung Fu T-Shirt.
The San Diego Comic Con saw and felt the ultimate revenge from Anti- Twilight haters with our Twilight is Gay Tee.

We brought many So-Cal Cannabis Collectives and the THC Expo  The OG Kush T-Shirt.

and with the Tiger Woods sex scandal we ended the year with a buying frenzy for our Tiger Woods Player T-Shirt! Topical shirts seem to be the popular subject and 313 merch is on top of current events in the news. Stay with us in 2010′ for more great funny t-shirts to come.


Bukkake Falls T-Shirt

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Bukkae Falls T-Shirt

Enjoy The Great Outdoors with our Bukkake Falls T-Shirt! “The Cum Capped Mountains at Bukkake Falls look like Breasts” the locals claimed, so we took our artist’s out to the infamous waterfall in Snatchole, Montana to design our latest Bukkake Collection T-Shirt! Bukkake Falls cum’s printed on all styles and sizes. So if you’re ever in Snatchole Montana ask the locals “Where the hell is Bukkake Falls?” and the’ll be sure to show you the way.


The 313 Wingman T-Shirt Series

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Our 313 Wingman T-Shirt Collection series are available in all sizes, colors & styles. Nicely sublimated print on Hanes or Vapor Apparel Ringers. Wingman to the rescue C’mon Let your buddy live the dream, take one for the team be a wingman tonight! Just give us a call 1.800.WINGMAN to the rescue!

wingman_service_calls.jpg    wingman2_sticker.gif    wingman_big.gif

The 313 Bukkake Collection

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The Bukkake T-Shirt Collection series from 313 merch is a favorite for all facial fetish lovers. Our infamous money shot to the face t-shirts will bring you much attention and maybe a blow job or two. All Bukkake T-Shirts are available on standard and ringer styles in assorted colors.

bukkake_isle_sticker.gif      bukkakeye_sticker.gif      bukkake_uni_sticker.gif      bukkake_bunch_sticker.gif

Your Girlfriend Stole My Bike! The Hottest Selling 313 T-Shirt of 2006

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Well just when you thought your bicycle was safe comes our hottest selling t shirt of 2006 Your Girlfriend Stole My Bike! Make sure you grab one of these to wear before she pedals off into the past. Comes printed with our high quality dye sublimation inks on small thru 3xl sizes in many assorted colors and styles.

your_girlfriend_sticker1.gif     your_girlfriend.gif

Prince Albert Condoms T-Shirt

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One of our hottest new 313 t-shirts for winter 2007 Prince Albert Condoms. Have you ever ran into problems stretching that damn latex rubber over your pierced member? Well my friend we have the solution to your problem! Prince Albert Condoms, which are especially designed to fit over your piercing and still leave you sensitive, not to mention giving her that stainless steel sensation! Comes in all shapes and sizes small thru 3xl also available in many colors (white, ash, blue & sand) for extra enjoyment.

prince_albert.jpg     prince_albert1.jpg