Expanded Rubber Products Pass Moral Judgement on 313 Merchandise

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I run a funny novelty t shirt and merchandise company similar to T-Shirt Hell or Spencer’s Gifts and recently have been refereed to this company for wholesale rubber products specifically Soft touch mouse pad material. My company reached out to Expanded Rubber Products regarding pricing of these in quantity of blanks and requested a few samples. The company owner decided to Google Search my company on the web and wrote us the following email:


I decided to look for additional information on your company and
like all did a GOOGLE search. I looked at your web site.
I am sorry but I can not sell you product that is printed this way.
I need to pass on sending samples, quoting or additional correspondence.

With Regards.
Clayton Ney

Our response to Expanded Rubber Products was :

Hello Clayton,

Wow, We were not asking you to print the materials for us, as we do
all of our printing in house. We were inquiring as to the cost and
appearance of your wholesale blank products of your company’s. It is
your job to quote prices and sell product. It is not your job to pass
moral judgment on what a customer does with the product after it is
purchased. Last time I checked, we still had have free speech in this
country. I would think twice about what you are saying here, as there
will be many ramifications both for you and your company if you choose
to pass judgment onto my company based on your own moral convictions.
The Internet is a powerful tool and as such are review sites, forums,
and blogs. Do as you wish, but remember, your actions will have
consequences. I will be forwarding this email to your superiors and
other wholesalers and vendors as well.

313 Merchandise

After speaking personally with the owner his response was ” I can’t have my employees going to your website”

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Bratty Randy Moore Wears Our Tiny Dick T-Shirt

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I Bet You Have A Tiny Dick

Bratty Randy Moore in her I Bet You Have A Tiny Dick Blue Burnout Tee from Kill Your Culture. Tell all the Douchebags that they have a Tiny Dick! I Bet You have a Tiny Dick Tee states simply your thoughts about the opposite sexes reproductive anatomy. A great tee to lose all the jag offs driving monster trucks. Penis Envy has never looked so sweet! Let them know today buy yours from 313 Merchandise or Kill Your Culture. Visit Bratty Randy here

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313 Merchandise – an email from one of our customers

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I just wanted to write you a little review for your site, I couldn’t find a section for it, so I figured I’d send it in and you could put it in the appropriate spot. If you don’t have one, you should start a testimonials section.

Grandaddy Purple T-Shirt

“My “Granddaddy Purple” shirt just arrived and I love it. The material is so soft and comfy and the graphic is printed on really well. I’ve had negative experiences ordering shirts onlne before, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but these guys really do know what they’re doing. The design is printed right into the shirt so its not one of those ones thats gonna crack over time and stretching. They hooked it up with some freebies too and totally made my day. Order a size bigger, I’m glad I did :] Thanks again 313!”


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313 Merch Launches Kill Your Culture

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We have been busy this year, not only bringing you some new great designs but more importantly the release of our new website Kill Your Culture! We basically have cloned ourselves and added alot new styles that you can not find at 313. With KYC (Kill Your Culture) we are bringing more of a “Branded” feel with our apparel. We also will be having alot more black t shirt choices, T-Shirts with Studs, Burnout V-Necks for Men and Women. Take a look at Kill Your Culture here.

Alan Tudyk is spotted wearing a Twilight is Gay T-Shirt at Comic-Con 09′

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Adrrianne Palicki and Alan Tudyk

Dollhouse “Hunk” Alan Tudyk was spotted recently walking the carpets at Comic-Con 09′ wearing one of our “Twilight is Gay” T-Shirts! Here seen with “Friday Night Lights” hottie Adrianne Palicki. Read more »

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Chris Gore wears “Twilight is Gay T-Shirt” at Comic-Con 2009

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Chris Gore wears Twilight is Gay tee Poolside
Comic-Con 2009 was a Blast! Our latest t-shirt “Twilight is Gay!” was a smash at Comic-Con and the Twilight haters was out in Full-Force. Chris Gore from the G4 TV Network stopped by the booth and turned up the “Gayness” wearing our “Twilight is Gay” pink punch ringer. Chris looks stunning in his skin tight pink baby doll tee at the pool. We would like to thank Warmachine Marketing and Calsilkscreen for having us at the booth. We look forward to next year and don’t forget to spread the word “Twilight is Gay!”
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10 Funny T-Shirts for $100!

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Holy Shit Balls! Buying cool t-shirts in bulk is now made easy. 10 of our Kick-Ass funny T-Shirts for only $100! Now you and your friends can all be wearing our classic offensive t-shirts for $10 each! So what the hell are you waiting for? That’s a Savings of Over 40-50% Off! Order today click here.

Buy 10 Funny T-Shirts for $100

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Our 313 Merch Model Sarah Jane Wins T-Shirt Hell Whore Of The Month!

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Sarah Jane T-Shirt Hell Whore

Times are tough here at 313 Merch so we decided to whore our very own model Sarah Jane to T-Shirt Hell’s Whore OF The Month Contest! and she won! and now we can afford cheese on our whoppers this month! Sarah has an ass that can launch a 1,000 loads, whoops I mean t-shirts!! You can check her out on Model Mayhem here and If anyone needs a model give her a shout we will whore her out again if the price is right! You can also buy this t shirt from T-Shirt hell here.

What is a Gunt?

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What the hell is a Gunt? Well Urban Dictionary gives us the meaning as simply The bulging area found on large older women between the waist and the genital area. Not quite a gut, not quite a cunt… The Gunt (Gut+Cunt= Gunt). Well this brings to mind all the foul spandex wearing beasts that troll the All You Can Eat Buffets daily. Read more »