Baby On Board T-Shirt

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Baby On Baord T-Shirt

Baby On Board T-Shirt

Fresh outta 2010 is  Baby On Board T-Shirt. This shirt will definitely piss some baby lovers off ! Inspired as revenge to all the parents who cry for special attention with their ‘Baby on Board Sign” posted in the rear window while driving their BMW’s like a douche bag! Wear this one on your next airline flight so as to annoy the tiny little bastard’s parents who’s screaming infant is keeping you awake the entire fucking flight!

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Swine Flu T-Shirt

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The Pandemic is here! The Mexican Swine Flu and 313 Merchandise has The Official Mexican Swine Flu T-Shirts! Help stop the spread of Swine Flu by wearing our Swine Flu T-Shirts. Our Swine Flu T-Shirts are pork free and come printed on various styles and sizes. Do not get caught without your Official 313 Mexican Swine Flu T-Shirt or you may need vaccinated.

Swine Flu T-Shirts

Gangsta’s Paradise Obama T-Shirt

Posted in Offensive Or Not? on July 14th, 2008 by webmaster

Hot off the 313 press comes our latest Barack Obama T-Shirt and just in time for the 2008 Election! Gangsta’s Paradise Obama T-Shirt spoof a rap song by Coolio from the movie Dangerous Minds (1995), and Democrat President elect Barack Obama. Nicely sublimated on all “Cool T-Shirt” colors and styles from 313 Merchandise. Offensive or Not? you decide…

Gangsta's Paradise Obama T-Shirt

Wigga Brand Crackers Offensive or Not?

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Wigga Brand is back with a new “Cracker” These little white crackers pack a huge black taste. Size small thru 3xl and available in many styles. No worries though because these crackers are shit talkers and salted!

Wigga Brand Crackers

Jew Jitsu T-Shirt

Posted in Offensive Or Not? on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

Jew-Jitsu the latest from 313 merch brings the question at hand again. Is this shirt offensive to you or not? We find this shirt has been selling more to our Jewish customers which opens room for discussion. But please also consider the fact that Jew-Jitsu is fighting all Un-Kosher foes in his way too…

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Jesus T-Shirts

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Are you easily offended by Funny Jesus T-Shirts? What is so offensive about making pun of the son of god?

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