Bubba Kush Brand T-Shirt

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Bubba Kush Brand

Smoke Bubba Kush Brand Medical Marijuana. An almost pure Indica strain of marijuana. Tastes very sweet, gives you a nice body high.

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The Mark of The Beast QR Code Devil T-Shirt

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The Mark of The Beast QR Code Devil Symbol

The Mark of The Beast is received on the right hand or forehead. With modern technology, it may be directly linked to the QR Code! Do not scan this code or Satan will possess your cell phone and enter your body and you will need an exorcist to save your soul from the QR Code Devil!

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Dabba The Hutt – Hash Dabs Star Wars T-Shirt

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Dabba The Hutt

The Latest from 313/Kill Your Culture 420 Collection Dabba The Hutt. We all know The Notorious Gangster Jabba The Hutt but we rarely hear of his entrepreneur stoner brother Dabba The Hutt. Instead of pursuing a vicious life of crime, Dabba who consists of 100% Bubble Hash, decided to take his love for Hash Dabbs to the next level and opened his very own Hash Bar, Dabba’s Hutt!

Dabba The Hutt

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Purple Urkle Now Available on Black & Mustard T-Shirts!

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Our “Infamous Purple Urkle” design is now available on black t-shirts at 313 Merch and for a Limited Time visit our Kill Your Culture Store for “Mustard” yellow for all you Pot Smoking Lakers Fans. “Don’t be a Jerk Buy a Purple Urk!”

Purple Urkle T Shirt

Purple Urkle Mustard T Shirt

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Burger King Diamond T-Shirt

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All Hail Burger King Diamond, The King has returned to Flame Broil us all in the name of Satan! Now we can all eat whoppers in hell! Have it Your Way Here

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I Survived The Rapture T-Shirt- Judgement Day May 21 2011

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NEW FROM Kill Your Culture-313 Merch
The Rapture T Shirt May 21 2011

The Rapture May 21 The Day of Judgement May 21 2011 is here. God throws the gavel on all sinners as the holy vanishes instantly into heaven. Get your I Survived The Rapture T-Shirt and celebrate your soul burning in hell on earth! Purchase I Survived The Rapture T-Shirt at any of our two locations on various styles and sizes.

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The Human Beer Bong T-Shirt

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The Human Beer Bong T Shirt

Just when you thought you was distubed by the Human Centipede Now Comes The Human Beer Bong!! A Beer Bong is inserted through the mouth and the tube is forced through three bodies that are sewn together and passed through the anus track for flavor! Get Your Human Beer Bong here

Osama Bin Fish Food T-Shirt

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Osama Bin Fish Food The Latest T-Shirt that is Sweeping The Nation! Osama Bin Laden has been shot dead in the head and buried at sea! Here we see Osama’s decent to the sea floor as fish munch on his corpse on the latest t-shirt from Kill Your Culture and 313 Merch Buy Here

Osama Bin Fish Food

Charlie “Afro” Sheen T-Shirt

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Charlie "Afro" Sheen T-Shirt

Afro Sheen T-Shirt

Charlie Sheen was last seen sporting an Afro and gold toof display on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We took a snap shot of the Sheenanigans and our artists quickly rendered this masterpiece Charlie “Afro” Sheen! This is our latest and the first design from our Kill Your Culture line of tees set to jump off on 3.13.2011. You can grab a Afro Sheen tee from 313 merchandise while Charlie still has “Tiger Blood” now here

Shave Your Bieber T-Shirt

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Shave Your Bieber T-Shirt

Shave Your Bieber- An Untamed Pubic Masterpiece

The Latest craze in Vagina Pubic Fashion is “The Bieber” Yes, Justin Bieber’s infamous “doo” can now be fully sculpted from your untamed vagina pubes! With a full on forward brush this vagina masterpiece comes to life. We here at 313 DO NOT advocate any form of pubic hair on the female vagina. So we made our protest stance with our Shave Your Bieber T-Shirt wear this Pubic Masterpiece with pride and buy here.

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