Bratty Randy Moore Wears Our Tiny Dick T-Shirt

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I Bet You Have A Tiny Dick

Bratty Randy Moore in her I Bet You Have A Tiny Dick Blue Burnout Tee from Kill Your Culture. Tell all the Douchebags that they have a Tiny Dick! I Bet You have a Tiny Dick Tee states simply your thoughts about the opposite sexes reproductive anatomy. A great tee to lose all the jag offs driving monster trucks. Penis Envy has never looked so sweet! Let them know today buy yours from 313 Merchandise or Kill Your Culture. Visit Bratty Randy here

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Weedo Jima T-Shirt in Culture Magazine

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Culture Magazine

Check out this month’s CULTURE, America’s #1 Medical Marijuana Lifestyle Magazine for our Weedo Jima T-Shirt in their “COOL STUFF” section. Our design is spear heading the Medical Cannabis movement in America and you can grab your Weedo Jima T-Shirt Today at 313 Merch or Kill Your Culture in our 420 Category and support our Cannabis Troops. Read more here

Weedo Jima T Shirt

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Dabba The Hutt – Hash Dabs Star Wars T-Shirt

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Dabba The Hutt

The Latest from 313/Kill Your Culture 420 Collection Dabba The Hutt. We all know The Notorious Gangster Jabba The Hutt but we rarely hear of his entrepreneur stoner brother Dabba The Hutt. Instead of pursuing a vicious life of crime, Dabba who consists of 100% Bubble Hash, decided to take his love for Hash Dabbs to the next level and opened his very own Hash Bar, Dabba’s Hutt!

Dabba The Hutt

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