Porn on The Cob T-Shirt

Posted in New Designs on August 25th, 2010 by webmaster

Porn on The Cob T Shirt

Porn on The Cob is here! A great tasty ear of Sweet Corn with lotsa melted butter makes a man happy. This T Shirt is sure to make any summer picnic a “Corny” hit and now you can score a Porn on The Cob Tee on our various styles and colors. Order yours here

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Super Skunk Weed T-Shirt

Posted in New Designs on August 12th, 2010 by webmaster

Super Skunk Weed T Shirt

Look up in the Sky It’s A Bird, It’s a plane, It’s Super Skunk! Super Skunk Weed T-Shirts are here! The latest from our 313 artist Sly at The “Classic” Marijuana Strain has returned to fight off all Swag Weed with a Powerful Hit to the Brain! Order your Super Skunk Tee here