Lady CACA T-Shirt- I knew she was a piece of shit!

Posted in New Designs on July 22nd, 2010 by webmaster

Lady Caca T Shirt

Introducing our latest t-shirt Lady Caca… sorry Lady Gaga but we always knew you were a piece of shit! and I must admit the very first time I witnessed Lady Gaga I thought I was watching a man in drag! or maybe a transvestite? But unfortunately my observations was wrong, but recently as I sat on the Bally’s Gym shitter between workouts I was bombarded with Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” which caused my rectum to form the inspiration for our latest design!
Now I wear my Lady Caca Tee to The Gym with pride as I blast Naplam Death in my earbuds and watch all the Gaga fan’s faces witness their beloved pop star idolized as a piece of shit across my chest! Buy Lady Caca here

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