Happy Little Trees T-Shirt

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Happy Little Trees T-Shirt

Fresh from 313 Merch comes our “Happy Little Trees T-Shirt” featuring Bob Ross spliffin’ it up! A great vintage pot classic. Happy Little Trees Tees are nicely printed on our latest Silky Soft Vintage Wash line of t-shirts or classic ringer styles! These are gonna be HOT grab one today!

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Baby On Board T-Shirt

Posted in New Designs, Offensive Or Not? on January 20th, 2010 by webmaster
Baby On Baord T-Shirt

Baby On Board T-Shirt

Fresh outta 2010 is  Baby On Board T-Shirt. This shirt will definitely piss some baby lovers off ! Inspired as revenge to all the parents who cry for special attention with their ‘Baby on Board Sign” posted in the rear window while driving their BMW’s like a douche bag! Wear this one on your next airline flight so as to annoy the tiny little bastard’s parents who’s screaming infant is keeping you awake the entire fucking flight!

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Our Best T-Shirts from 2009′

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The year 2009′ brought some great designs from 313 merch! Morbid but funny the death of David Carradine created our Infamous Hung Fu T-Shirt.
The San Diego Comic Con saw and felt the ultimate revenge from Anti- Twilight haters with our Twilight is Gay Tee.

We brought many So-Cal Cannabis Collectives and the THC Expo  The OG Kush T-Shirt.

and with the Tiger Woods sex scandal we ended the year with a buying frenzy for our Tiger Woods Player T-Shirt! Topical shirts seem to be the popular subject and 313 merch is on top of current events in the news. Stay with us in 2010′ for more great funny t-shirts to come.