American Bongstand T-Shirt

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American Bongstand T-Shirts

American’s love to dance and smoke weed! So the latest craze is The American Bongstand T-Shirts! Do some Bong hits while dancing to the oldies in our American Bongstand shirts. Our American Bongstand tees are printed nicely with our sublimated “Rasta Colors” on all styles and sizes. So order a Bongstand t-shirt and put on them dancing heels baby!

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Bukkake Falls T-Shirt

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Bukkae Falls T-Shirt

Enjoy The Great Outdoors with our Bukkake Falls T-Shirt! “The Cum Capped Mountains at Bukkake Falls look like Breasts” the locals claimed, so we took our artist’s out to the infamous waterfall in Snatchole, Montana to design our latest Bukkake Collection T-Shirt! Bukkake Falls cum’s printed on all styles and sizes. So if you’re ever in Snatchole Montana ask the locals “Where the hell is Bukkake Falls?” and the’ll be sure to show you the way.


10 Funny T-Shirts for $100!

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Holy Shit Balls! Buying cool t-shirts in bulk is now made easy. 10 of our Kick-Ass funny T-Shirts for only $100! Now you and your friends can all be wearing our classic offensive t-shirts for $10 each! So what the hell are you waiting for? That’s a Savings of Over 40-50% Off! Order today click here.

Buy 10 Funny T-Shirts for $100

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Phil Spector Killer Hair T-Shirt

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Phil Spector Killer Hair T-Shirt

Eccentric music producer Phil Spector The originator of the “Wall of Sound” production technique, has been convicted of 2nd degree murder. Spector was a pioneer of the 1960s girl group sound and clocked in over twenty-five Top 40 hits between 1960 and 1965. His courtroom hairstyles are one to rival Michael Jackson’s courtroom pajama party! Now that Phil is facing 19 years to life in the California State Prison System we here at 313 decided to bring the “Wall Of Hair” to life with our Phil Spector Killer Hair T-Shirts! Old Phil’s fro is nicely sublimated on all our tasty colors and styles.