Prince Albert T-shirt

Posted in New Designs on April 18th, 2008 by webmaster

Hey hey hey… its Prince Albert! We here at 313 Merch have just spotted the artist formerly known as Fat Albert, last seen in a Vegas night club doing his one man tribute to Prince! Our artists were out and caught the show and as a result we have Prince Albert in all his glory on our line of t-shirts. Prince Albert is nicely sublimated on all styles and sizes.

Prince Albert T-Shirt

Bogus Check Balanced for 313 T-Shirt Order

Posted in Scams on April 18th, 2008 by webmaster

Many small business’s sell their items online today only through an e-commerce shopping cart online store. Here at 313 Merchandise we still offer our customers a choice of buying through the mail from our PO Box. instead of using a credit card online. Well after 2 years of snail mail we finally snagged our first Foreign Check Fraud customer. I do believe we did have some nim-rod last year from Wash. DC try a personal check which balanced immediately, but our most recent purchase was made from:

Suzanne Lovell
30 Marvin Street
Nova Scotia, Canada

Well after constant emails from Suzanne demanding we send their items immediately we explained that we was away from our PO Box and held on to the check for sometime awaiting its clearance in our account. The US/Canadian money exchange rate was applied to the check after 11 days and we proceeded to ship the $350 order. But immediately after confirming tracking with Susan or the alias the check balanced. Now this was brought to our attention by our bank and we immediately recalled our package back from USPS before its departure out of the country. Our t-shirts our now back in our hands and a picture has been sent to Suzanne at and a nice Big Fuck You Thief!

313 MERCHANDISE Stolen Package