Osama Bin Llama

Posted in New Designs on September 11th, 2007 by webmaster

9-11 has reared its ugly head in our Memories. After 6 years Osama Bin Laden has not been captured or found? How can this desert dwelling fugitive remain free from the US forces? We have every weapon and spy device known to man at our finger tips and still Osama remains elusive! Well the secret has now been revealed. Osama has spliced his DNA with a Llama and is now living on a Llama farm outside of Afghanistan. We shot a quick picture of Osama and sent it to our Artists here at 313 merch. The result is our latest t-shirt. Osama Bin Llama! Comes in all styles and sizes but we must admit  Osama Bin Llama looks his best on a “Native Desert Sand” color ACU moisture wicking t-shirt. Pick one up today!

Osama Bin Llama T-shirt