Join our MYFACE Community and get a T-shirt

Posted in New Designs on February 21st, 2007 by webmaster

313 have launched our own MYFACE community t-shirt. For all “Muff Diver Lovers” ( I prefer shaven) comes MYFACE A place for girls. Cums in all sizes small thru 3xl and looks pretty fucking sharp on a sandy/java Vapor Apparel Ringer hint hint

Myface T-Shirts

The 313 Wingman T-Shirt Series

Posted in The 313 Collection on February 7th, 2007 by webmaster

Our 313 Wingman T-Shirt Collection series are available in all sizes, colors & styles. Nicely sublimated print on Hanes or Vapor Apparel Ringers. Wingman to the rescue C’mon Let your buddy live the dream, take one for the team be a wingman tonight! Just give us a call 1.800.WINGMAN to the rescue!

wingman_service_calls.jpg    wingman2_sticker.gif    wingman_big.gif

The 313 Bukkake Collection

Posted in The 313 Collection on February 4th, 2007 by webmaster

The Bukkake T-Shirt Collection series from 313 merch is a favorite for all facial fetish lovers. Our infamous money shot to the face t-shirts will bring you much attention and maybe a blow job or two. All Bukkake T-Shirts are available on standard and ringer styles in assorted colors.

bukkake_isle_sticker.gif      bukkakeye_sticker.gif      bukkake_uni_sticker.gif      bukkake_bunch_sticker.gif

Your Girlfriend Stole My Bike! The Hottest Selling 313 T-Shirt of 2006

Posted in The 313 Collection on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

Well just when you thought your bicycle was safe comes our hottest selling t shirt of 2006 Your Girlfriend Stole My Bike! Make sure you grab one of these to wear before she pedals off into the past. Comes printed with our high quality dye sublimation inks on small thru 3xl sizes in many assorted colors and styles.

your_girlfriend_sticker1.gif     your_girlfriend.gif

Prince Albert Condoms T-Shirt

Posted in The 313 Collection on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

One of our hottest new 313 t-shirts for winter 2007 Prince Albert Condoms. Have you ever ran into problems stretching that damn latex rubber over your pierced member? Well my friend we have the solution to your problem! Prince Albert Condoms, which are especially designed to fit over your piercing and still leave you sensitive, not to mention giving her that stainless steel sensation! Comes in all shapes and sizes small thru 3xl also available in many colors (white, ash, blue & sand) for extra enjoyment.

prince_albert.jpg     prince_albert1.jpg

Jew Jitsu T-Shirt

Posted in Offensive Or Not? on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

Jew-Jitsu the latest from 313 merch brings the question at hand again. Is this shirt offensive to you or not? We find this shirt has been selling more to our Jewish customers which opens room for discussion. But please also consider the fact that Jew-Jitsu is fighting all Un-Kosher foes in his way too…

jew_jitsu_sticker1.gif     jew_jitsu.jpg

Jesus T-Shirts

Posted in Offensive Or Not? on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

Are you easily offended by Funny Jesus T-Shirts? What is so offensive about making pun of the son of god?

con_artist_big.jpg    jesus_saves_sticker.gif    more_wine_sticker.gif

Dye Sublimation Printing

Posted in Sublimation Printing on February 3rd, 2007 by webmaster

For the best photographic printed merchandise dye sublimation is king. High quality photo colors print with ease on all of our sublimation products.

camel_toe_mug.gif     pimp_mug.gif     wash_pussy_mug.gif