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Welcome to our 313 Merch blog site! Here is where we will let it all hang out and hopefully gain some insight on offending society with our brand of unique funny offensive novelty apparel. If you are in the business as we are feel free to stop by and leave your comments links ideas or whatever you want to rant off about because “We don’t give a fuck lets get it on!”


Contact Us

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You can contact 313 Merchandise at the following:





Country Music Sucks t Shirt


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What the hell is Dye Sublimation printing?

Sublimation inks and printing are specially formulated for photographic quality images that surpass high end silk screening and rival offset press results.To understand sublimation inks, lets first discuss the meaning of sublimation.

Sublimation describes the process of a solid substance changing
directly into a gas or vapor, without first passing through the intermediary liquid state. An a example of this which is most recognizable is “dry ice”.

In the printing world the term “sublimation” is used to describe
heat-activated inks that change into gas when heated and have the ability to bond with polyester or acrylic surfaces.Sublimated images are extremely washable, and scratch resistant because the image is protected within the surface. Just like a tattoo is under the skin!

Why are sublimation t shirts more expensive than a standard shirt?

Sublimation shirts are made from a special polyester/cotton blend the polyester is on the outside which is the only material that sublimation
inks can adhere to.The inside is cotton. these shirts cost four times as much as a standard 100% cotton t shirt

Can you sublimate designs on black t shirts?

Unfortuanately no, sublimation ink does not work on opaque dark fabrics. We do carry ash, gray, sand and sky bue which is the darkest t-shirt colors that works on some designs.

How long does it usually take to print and ship my 313 order?

We print most of our tees as ordered and we also keep a small stock. All orders are printed the week they are received and shipped as soon as humanly possible USPS 1st Class and USPS PRIORITY MAIL on orders of 2 or more t shirts. Sublimation shirts are printed to order and can take up to 7 business days to ship.

Can I custom order a Dye Sublimation T Shirt with my own art, design or ideas?

Yes we can create any design on a t shirt you would like just contact us and we can help you with your ideas custom@313merch.com



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313 Merch is a great source for Funny Adult T Shirts. Our shirts can be sold in your store or as an affiliate. Our current buyers include Music/Record Stores, Smoke Shops, T-shirt & Poster Shops, Adult Stores, Skate Shops, Novelty Stores and Unique Gift Collectible Stores across America and Canada. We look forward to our growing list of clients so we have put together some very attractable rates for buyers. Please contact us for more information.



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Our 313 brand of shirts are unique to all others. We print using the latest in Dye Sublimation styles on many different forms of media. T Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, Stickers and DJ Slip Mats is our specialty! We also offer custom printing for customers who need their ideas created for a business or promotional novelty items.

With Dye Sublimation we can print perfect photograph images and complex multi colors that will not ever fade or crack from constant washing or heat from dryers. To accomplish this process all of our sublimation items must contain polyester which acts as a bonding agent with our inks.

313 merch designs are permanently dyed into the actual item rather than screening the top surface with a layer of ink. With 313 t shirts you will not feel any ink because the ink is now in the fibers of the shirt just like a tattoo under the skin!

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About Us

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Well you finally found us, probably after stumbling around the net in search of a particular t shirt or maybe secretly jerking off to your favorite free porn video site and now you are off your pud pulling path looking for some new oddities to fill that empty need you crave inside. You know what I mean… ATTENTION. Everyone at some time screams for attention and what no better to obtain this human desire than a T-Shirt from 313 Merch.

Launched in honor of the infamous 313 number (not the Detroit area code) which in itself is a mystery of sacred proportions in prime numerology. We decided to create a clothing brand to leave the sacred 313 mark on all who view our designs. Caution you may find yourself haunted by this number and having it re occur daily wherever you may look so remember you have been warned.

313 has been a force online now for over 3 years in the t shirt apparel world, with a resume of designing t shirts that spans over 25 years! Our line of shirts have been sold from New York City to Singapore. 313 merch takes pride in our unique printing style of Dye Sublimation which dyes our designs into the fibers of our shirts. This process is permanent and out lasts all silk screening methods. So take a look around and visit our store go buy a t shirt and leave a blog message or just go back to what you was doing before you found us…beating off to porn. Enjoy!